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A basic Appium framework for an Android app using PageObject, PageFactory, TestNG, Hamcrest
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  • A basic Appium framework for an Android app using Appium, Java, Gradle, the PageObject pattern, PageFactory, TestNG, Hamcrest

App Under Test

  • We are using the ApiDemos-debug.apk sample app included on Appium's GitHub repository.

ApiDemos-debug Home Page

alt text

The Test Outline

  • Appium, using the Desired Capabilities will install and launch the app @BeforeSuite.
  • We will wait for the header to appear on the HomeScreen page.
  • Select the “Text” button then Wait for the header on the InnerApiDemos page to appear.
  • Select “LogTextBox”. Wait for the header on the LogTextBox page to appear.
  • Select the ADD button. In the panel below the ADD button, the text "This is a test" should display in the panel.
  • Assert that the words “This is a test” appears in the panel.
  • After the test is run, we will tear down the driver.


  • Appium must be running on your local computer, such as with Appium Desktop
  • An emulator must be connected via adb, the Android Debug Bridge, called emulator-5554

Directory Structure:

-> test
   -> java
      --> pages
      --> utils 

The Smoketest

    public void test_login() throws Exception {
        driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS);




        String expectedPanelText = "This is a test";
        String actualPanelText = logTextBoxPage.getPanelText();

        System.out.println("Checking panel text...");

        TestUtils.outputIfMatchPassOrFail(expectedPanelText, actualPanelText);

Output Rendered After Running Automated Test

HOME_SCREEN_PAGE: Verifying Header appears.
HOME_SCREEN_PAGE: Selecting [TEXT] button.

INNER_API_DEMOS_PAGE: Verifying Header appears.
INNER_API_DEMOS_PAGE: Selecting [LogTextBox] button.

LOG_TEXT_BOX_PAGE: Verifying Header appears.
LOG_TEXT_BOX_PAGE: Selecting [ADD] button.

Checking panel text...
Verifying Expected Value Matches Actual Value:
	* Expected Value: This is a test
	* Actual Value: This is a test

===> (PASS)

Tearing Down Driver.

Setup and Code Walkthrough on Building a Basic Appium Framework

Future plans

Other Appium frameworks, modeled on this code, will include:

  • Appium will be started and stopped programatically.
  • We will use abstract classes BaseTest and BasePage, refactoring common elements out. Tests and Pages will be extensions of these BaseTests and BasePages.
  • iPads, iPhones, both physical devices and emulators
  • Multiple mobile devices running tests simulatneously and in parrallel
  • Better logs
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