Memory leak caused by win10widgets #34

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Meychel commented Sep 9, 2016 edited

Win10 64-bit have a severe memory leak. Using RAMMap, i get that page table, paged pool and non-paged pool increased.

Page table leak is real and steady, about hundred to 2000kb per 2 minutes.

I accidentally make rainmeter crashed (non related) then continue the test. Without rainmeter running, the page table leak stopped. I run rainmeter without any skin from win10widgets, the leak doesn't happen too.

i can't isolate which individual skin is the root cause. (i use win10widgets without non-win10widgets)

IanBP commented Sep 15, 2016 edited

I suspect that this is connected to the issue with the Spotify plugin not fetching from the new version of Spotify, only allowing controls. Try using Win10Widgets without the Spotify plugin loaded. This seemed to fix the memory leak for me.

IanBP commented Sep 17, 2016

As an update my leak is still persisting, and I am investigating further.

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