Spotify Plugin not working since last update #35

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For me, the control buttons are the only thing that is working.

Crsmsg commented Sep 11, 2016 edited

Yes same here after Spotify app updated to latest version.

fr0stee commented Sep 15, 2016 edited

+1, same here.

Downloaded the latest skin from but no change.

Spotify version
Rainmeter version 4.0.0 r2613 64-bit
Win10 version 1511 (Build 10586.545)
IanBP commented Sep 15, 2016 edited

The problem appears to be with an update to SpotifyWebHelper.exe. On my laptop, the program will crash (but not Spotify itself) if the skin is running, although the controls do work as was already stated. Sounds like the spotify.dll the skin uses will need to be updated.

I reinstalled Spotify a couple of times thinking it was corrupted, but saw that the skin had "Error: Spotify Plugin" in the track area, and tried refreshing. Unloaded it, and voila, no errors from Spotify.

I should also note that this issue seems to be causing a memory leak, since Rainmeter was logging a staggering 2GB and growing according to Task Manager with the Spotify skin on and less than 150MB without it (continuously trying to fetch data and not dumping?). There were no other skins outside of the Win10Widgets package or direct modifications (clones really) of it running.

IanBP commented Sep 17, 2016

As an update, the leak is persisting, According to this, a similar issue is occuring in DisplayFusion due to BitDefender. I will investigate whether or not BitDefender's heuristic check is causing the leaks.

Eluse9 commented Sep 27, 2016

I'm not using Bitdefender but have this issue

Averuen commented Sep 30, 2016

Replacing the SpotifyWebHelper.exe with a previous version as found here worked for me in resolving the issue.

Crsmsg commented Nov 3, 2016

Fixed from Spotify update to latest version

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