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iuj90 commented Sep 14, 2016

Hi there, I am a student studying in a foreign country with different time-zone from own home country.
Therefore, i humbly request a dual-clock widget. I believe some of you here are students, as well as other users that might benefit from this widget.
Thank you.


There is a workaround for having two "cloned" widgets, just copy the folder with the .ini file and modify it to show a different time.
I'm new to editing files and stuff, and there's no "timezone" variable that can be easily modified, but I think I'm getting there :D It is better explained here https://forum.rainmeter.net/viewtopic.php?t=5832

The disadvantage is that the widgets are not labeled, so you'll have to remember which widget is for which timezone, but this will work just fine while we wait for a dual clock to be released.


Done :)
Here's what I did

  1. First I fund the ini file for the widget I wanted to duplicate
  2. I copied it and placed it in a new folder
  3. I edited the .ini file and added a line to all measures
    I changed
    [MeasureMinute] ; Returns minutes. Measure=Time Format=%M OnChangeAction=[!UpdateMeasure MeasureMinute1][!UpdateMeasure MeasureMinute2]
    [MeasureMinute] ; Returns minutes. Measure=Time TimeZone=-6.0 Format=%M OnChangeAction=[!UpdateMeasure MeasureMinute1][!UpdateMeasure MeasureMinute2]
    Where the Timezone is the difference in hours between your computer's time and the other one you want to see. Write this after all the Measure=Time lines.

Finally, I added a label to the clock.
Just paste this code at the end of the page.
[LABEL] ; Shows custom label. Meter=String MeterStyle=StyleMediumText | StyleCenterAlign MeasureName=MeasureAMPM X=([TimeAMPM:X]+[TimeAMPM:W]+40) Y=[TimeAMPM:Y] W=90 Text="México" DynamicVariables=1 UpdateDivider=-1 Hidden=0

Note: I modified the DateTime-Large files, because those are the ones I currently use. I don't know how this would apply to the other sizes, but I don't think there's much of a difference.
Here's an image with my results.

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