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Author={TJ Maynes},
Subject={TJ Maynes Resume},
Keywords={javascript, python, fullstack, project planning, agile practices},
\moveleft.5\hoffset\centerline{\huge TJ Maynes}
\begin{tabularx}{\linewidth}{@{}l X@{}}
\textsc{location} &\small{New York, New York}\\
\textsc{phone} &\small{803-526-6674}\\
\textsc{email} &\href{}{}\\
\begin{tabularx}{\linewidth}{@{}l X@{}}
\textsc{website} &\href{}{}\\
\textsc{github} &\href{}{}\\
\textsc{linkedin} &\href{}{}\\
\section*{Industry Experience}
{\sl \textbf{NBCUniversal Media, LLC}} \hfill December 2016 - Present \\
Software Engineer \hfill New York, NY
\item Early Engineering team member on the TV Everywhere project, primarily working on backend services and iOS features/maintenance. Common activities include working with the Product team to understand requirements for new features, implementing software design best practices such as SOLID and design patterns such as Dependency Injection, writing unit tests, integration tests, and load tests (using Gatling). Daily activities include adding (and maintaining) new features to many codebases written in many languages (across many stacks) such as Javascript, Clojure, Python and Swift.
\item Built a backend service for connecting, persisting, and translating data between various internal and external legacy services. The service automated what used to be a manual process for the business, as well as enriching a dataset that the business had difficulty understanding. The service was built using the Clojure programming language, hosted on AWS using ECS, RDS, and Elasticsearch Service technologies.
\item Built a website that informs users how to authenticate with their MVPD Provider. The requirements for the website included Spanish and English language support, building a small API service for fetching MVPD Providers and specific SEO optimizations. The website was built as an isomorphic Javascript application using server-side-rendered React, Styled-Components, and Express. The website is hosted on AWS using ECS technology.
{\sl \textbf{Rejuvenan Global Health, Inc}} \hfill May 2015 - December 2016 \\
Software Engineer \hfill New York, NY
\item Worked in unison with our web team to scale and deliver features in our health platform. We were able to accomplish this by asynchronously communicating through Slack, while syncing/creating Trello cards for managing and keeping track of feature-driven tasks and issues found within the application.
\item Built the Rejuvenan iOS application from the ground up using Objective-C, wrote tests using Expecta, built our native views programmatically, and subclassing NSOperation for creating NSURLSession-based network tasks, storing and parsing JSON data, and other repeatable operations.
\item Setup a continous integration pipeline using Travis-CI and Fastlane, which included running tests and deploying to Testflight. Other tools used included Mantle for normalizing/serializing incoming and outgoing JSON data, Carthage for dependency management, Fabric for crash reporting, and Expecta for writing integration tests.
\begin{tabularx}{\linewidth}{@{}l X@{}}
\textsc{Languages} &\small{Javascript, Clojure, Swift, Ruby, Objective-C} \\
\textsc{Javascript} &\small{Nodejs, Express, React, Bottlejs, Superagent, Mocha, Chai, Joi, D3} \\
\textsc{Clojure} &\small{Component, Ring, Compojure, clojure.test, lein-template, clj-http, Cheshire} \\
\textsc{iOS Development} &\small{Swift, Objective-C, MVVM, Protocol-oriented design, ReactiveSwift, Autolayout, Storyboards/Nibs, programmatically building views, Quick/Nimble, XCUITests, Swinject, Carthage, Fastlane} \\
\textsc{Other} &\small{Continuous Integration, test-driven development, AWS technologies, Docker, software design patterns, Clean Code, Elasticsearch, Functional Programming, Git, Debugging, Shell scripting + Make, HTML5/CSS3, RSpec, Open Source Software}
{\sl \textbf{Bachelor of Science, Computer Science}} \hfill May 2015 \\
University of South Florida \hfill Tampa, FL \\