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It's a simple hta gui that converts and inserts papagayo voices to lip synced opentoonz scenes.
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It's a very handy hta/javascript gui that inserts and converts a papagayo voice.dat in a copy of your existing toonzfile and saves it to a new opentoonz scenefile.


I've put up a tutorial here: opentoonz-papagayo.hta tutorial


To use it, you must make mouthshapes for your character. The .hta file has a variable containing which frame numbers to use. Use or adjust these to suit your character. Use the same format as shown now ( 0001 - 0011 ).

It uses preston blair format for now.

var mapObj = { rest:"0007", AI:"0001", E:"0002", O:"0003", U:"0004", etc:"0005", WQ:"0006", MBP:"0007", L:"0008", FV:"0009" };

Converting the papagayo data

  1. Select your opentoonz (template) file
  2. Select your papagayo exported voice(.dat) file
  3. Select the level(s) you want to insert the keyframes in.
  4. Convert and save to new scenefile
  5. Open your exported.tnz in Opentoonz, and add the audio.wav you used in papagayo on the first frame.

Screenshot of the gui

I'm using an updated version of papagayo that has much better language support. Get it here:

Some animation footage made using this converter:

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