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PDF generator for Acadoid LectureNotes

This program takes data files created by the Android note-taking app LectureNotes by Acadoid and converts them to PDF. This functionality is already provided by LectureNotes, but sometimes it's useful to have a PDF backup of your notes generated automatically. The goal of this package is to make LectureNotes PDF generation scriptable.

Basic Usage

This tool requires a local copy of LectureNotes' data files. This can be extracted from a backup file, or directly copied from the Android tablet's internal storage. Calling

lecturenotes2pdf /path/to/lecturenotes/backup/

will generate PDFs for your notebooks and place them in the current working directory.

To run the tool from the source tree instead of installing it, call python -m lecturenotes2pdf instead of lecturenotes2pdf.

Missing features

This tool is not complete, but it should work for many notebooks. Notably:

  • Page background patterns are not supported
  • Changing a notebook's default font (to something other than sans-serif) has no effect. (Font changes within a notebook are used)
  • Underlined text is not underlined


The program requires Python, either version 2.7 or 3.2 (or newer), and the ReportLab PDF generation toolkit. ReportLab can be found on PyPI (pip install reportlab) and is almost certainly provided by your Linux distribution.


python install


This program is distributed under the MIT license as included in the file COPYING.