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ARM based internet-enabled home automation framework
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Home Watch Dog is a web-enabled home automation framework.

It is my 2011 senior project for Western Washington University, EET department.

Functionally, the code here is identical to what I was using during project
demonstrations June 2011.

The demonstration of Home Watch Dog ran an embedded web server and was connected to
a small scale model room through GPIO. The web site served from the server allowed
a visitor to click a button on the web form to turn on/off the state of a light
in the room.
Full scenario functions were provided such as: all lights on/off and 
security system on/off.


I do not plan to maintain this code in its current form, but I will allow 
WWU EET students to contact me for clarification or pointers about it.

I do intend to provide helpful comments for WWU EET seniors as an MQX RTOS reference.

Also, at the moment take care when attributing authors if sourcing my code.
All functions are either written by me or provided by Freescale demo code.
This distinction will be cleared up in the future.

The websites used in the demo were created using but were
also greatly modified to my needs, so take care when looking through the html.
The JQuery javascript libraries were essential to the site navigation.

You're getting what you pay for is the point I am trying to make. Enjoy.


Microcontroller: K60N512 ARM Cortex-M4
Operating System: MQX RTOS


Because of licensing, I will only be providing the code for my project.
The operating system was free, courtesy of Freescale with my MCU. The download is 
hidden behind a licensing agreement wall.

Thanks for showing interest in my project!

Home Watch Dog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
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