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Go Photos


This is a tiny web server that integrates Google Client API and 又拍云(UpYun, a Chinese cloud storage provider) API to automatically copy the selected albums from your Google Photos to UpYun and generate a share link.

As we all know, mainland China has blocked most of the Google services. The purpose of this project is to share the Google Photos albums with parents or friends in mainland China with just one click.


  1. Register a new project and OAuth 2.0 Client ID in Google Developer Console
  2. Download the OAuth 2.0 Client ID configuration file (in JSON format), rename it as google_client.json and put it in the secrets folder. You may also copy google_client.json.example to google_client.json and edit the contents directly.
  3. Register a cloud storage in Upyun
  4. Also in secrets folder, copy upyun.json.example to upyun.json and edit the contents according to your registration


The MIT License (MIT)