C implementation of the classic 'Mine Sweeper' game
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Mine Sweeper

This is a classical game called "Mine Sweeper" (or "扫雷" in Chinese) implemented with C and SDL 2.


screen shot 1

screen shot 2

screen shot 3

How to build


  • CMake 3.5+
  • C compiler and toolchain

Because SDL is designed to be cross-platform, any modern OS with suitable build tools should be able to build and run this project.


  1. Download Development Libraries from SDL 2 download page or install them from the package manager of your OS.
  2. Download other Development Libraries for the following SDL plugins or install them from the package manager of your OS.
    1. SDL2_image for loading and rendering various formats of images
    2. SDL2_ttf for loading and rendering TTF fonts
    3. SDL2_mixer for loading and playing music and sounds
  3. If you download these files manually, you should modify CMakeLists.txt to correct the paths of library files. If you are using a package manager, probably you don't need to change this, because the libraries will be installed globally.


  1. Use CMake to generate a build system
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" ..

Here I use the "MinGW Makefiles" generator in CMake because I have mingw32 installed on my Windows 10, but you may use other generators (or the default one for your OS) if you have setup corresponding libraries correctly.

  1. Build it

You may use CMake to build it

cmake --build .

or directly use the corresponding build tools for the generated build system, e.g. (for mingw32)


How to run

Run it through double-click or command line.


If you run it through command line, you may specify customized initialization parameters for this game:

argument meaning example
1 map width 16
2 map height 16
3 number of mines 40


MineSweeper.exe 16 16 40

The classical parameter settings are:

Difficulty map width map height number of mines
Easy 9 9 10
Intermediate 16 16 40
Hard 30 16 99

The default parameters are adopted from the "Easy" difficulty and will be used when no customized parameters are given (e.g. when you double-click it).


Platform support

  • Windows 10 (32 bit) + MinGW 32
  • Windows 10 (64 bit) + MinGW 32
  • Windows 10 (32 bit) + Visual Studio 2015
  • Windows 10 (64 bit) + Visual Studio 2015
  • Ubuntu 14.04 (32 bit)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.11
  • Android 4.2
  • iOS 9.3

Only ticked platforms are tested, but technically all platforms listed above should be able to support this game.