A tool for extracting Chinese TTF glyphs on demand and generating web fonts
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Web Font Generator


Web font generator is a tiny tool to dynamically generate web fonts for CJK(Chinese/Japanese/Korean).

It use the given TTF font(s) to generate minimalized EOT/WOFF/TTF/SVG font-packs and cross-browser compatible @font-face CSS depending on the contents scanned from the files you specify.

Its goal is to make embedding CJK fonts in webpages easier dedicatedly for small-scale and static websites (just like github pages).

It use pure java code and libraries to do this job, so it should be cross-platform compatible.


The full-packed standalone runnable jar is put in the dist folder, you can directly run it without compilation.

usage: java -jar webfontgen.jar TTF1 TTF2... [-?] [-c <FILE>] [-d] [-e
       <CHARSET>] [-h] [-i <FILE1,FILE2,...>] [-m] [-o <DIR>] [-s <DIR>]
       [-v] [-x <DIR1,DIR2,...>]

 -?,--help                        Show this help info.
 -c,--css <FILE>                  Specify the filename(and location) of
                                  the generated CSS file. Defaults to
 -d,--deep                        (Experimental)Enable deep scanning to
                                  get precise font-text match so as to
                                  make fonts much smaller.
                                  [Notice] If enabled, ensure all related
                                  css files could be accessible(e.g. css
                                  from servers linked by absolute path),
                                  and you'd better add "@charset"
                                  declaration in your css.
 -e,--encode <CHARSET>            Specify the encoding charset for parsing
                                  files. Defaults to "UTF-8".
 -h,--hint                        Keep hint info of the generated
                                  WOFF/EOT/TTF font.
 -i,--include <FILE1,FILE2,...>   Specify files to include for scanning
                                  (wildcard available). Defaults to "*.*".
 -m,--mec                         Enable Microtype Express Compression for
                                  the generated EOT font.
 -o,--out <DIR>                   Dir to store the generated fonts.
                                  Defaults to "output".
 -s,--src <DIR>                   Root dir of your website dir or
                                  workspace dir. Defaults to ".".
 -v,--version                     Show version info.
 -x,--exclude <DIR1,DIR2,...>     Specify which dirs will be skipped
                                  (wildcard available).


Browse into test folder, there is a RunTest.bat file for Windows. Double-click it to run, then the fonts and css will be generated and you may open the test.html file in your favourite browser (but Chrome is recommended) to see the texts decorated with different fonts.

The rendered page will look like this


Yeah, they are all Chinese... I hope you like it.


This tool has the following dependency libraries, all of them are open-sourced, and each one has a copy in the lib folder for your convenience.

  1. Font manipulation
  2. CSS analyzation
    • CSSBox
      • CSSBox
      • jStyleParser
      • sub-dependencies:
        • antlr-runtime 3.1
        • nekohtml
        • xercesImpl
        • log4j 1.2.17
        • slf4j-api 1.6.6
        • slf4j-log4j12 1.6.6
  3. Other Common libs
    • commons-io 2.4
    • commons-cli 1.3-snapshot


You are welcome to put issues in the issues page, I hope this can be better and better.


This tool is licesed under Apache License Version 2.0, so you are free to use it.