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A web-based tool for discovering and indexing web servers in an intranet
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This is a tiny web server that has the following capabilities:

  1. Scan given port ranges on given host addresses to detect all the web servers
  2. Take a screenshot of the homepage of each website
  3. Show the list of all these servers along with their screenshots
  4. Provide a basic HTTP authentication to secure itself

This is useful especially in an internal network where many small websites are deployed at different ports under a single host address and you do not want to remember all these ports (and addresses).


  1. Python packages

    (setup virtualenv if you want)
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. PhantomJS

    Download/Install a suitable executable of PhantomJS for your platform


Edit config.json to set

  • server settings of itself
  • phantomJS path and settings
  • scan timeout
  • hostnames and port ranges to scan
  • server authentication
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