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Adding a small note about the resize CSS property.

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1 parent 094069b commit f90720f3aa12c3ec4ca922b5d22f64f03583eb4f @tjvantoll committed Apr 27, 2013
@@ -625,6 +625,8 @@ This displays as follows in Chrome 26 on OS X:
<img src="/images/posts/2013-04-15/webkit-textarea-hide.png">
+<i>Note: Adding `display: none` to `::-webkit-resizer` doesn't actually prevent the user from resizing the textarea, it just hides the control. If you want to disable resizing, set the [resize CSS property]( to `none`. This has the added benefit of working in all browsers the support resizing textareas.</i>
The `::-webkit-resizer` pseudo-element also allows for some basic styling. If you thought the resize control could use significantly more color you could add this:
``` html

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