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A really simple MediaWiki API client for the Scratch Wiki.
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A really simple MediaWiki API client for the Scratch Wiki.


  • read pages
  • edit pages
  • list pages in category
  • list page backlinks ("what links here")
  • list page transclusions

Requires the requests library.

Example Usage

Get a page:

wiki = ScratchWiki()

wiki.login("blob8108", password)

sandbox ="User:Blob8108/Sandbox")

Edit page:

# Get the page
contents =

# Change
contents += "\n This is a test!"
summary = "Made a test edit"

# Submit
sandbox.edit(contents, summary)

List pages in category:

for page in wiki.category_members("Redirects"):
    print page.title

Remove all uses of a template:

target_pages = wiki.transclusions("Template:unreleased")

# Sort by title because it's prettier that way
target_pages.sort(key=lambda x: x.title)

# Main namespace only
target_pages = [p for p in target_pages if p.query_info()['ns'] == 0]

for page in target_pages:
    page.replace("{{unreleased}}", "")

Made by ~blob8108.

MIT Licensed.

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