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Foursquare switched over to Scala & Lift last September and
we've been thrilled with the results. The ease of developing complex
interactive ajax web pages enabled a very rapid port from our previous
platform. In addition, the support we've gotten from David Pollak and
the rest of the Lift team has been invaluable. It's clear they are
very committed to making sure that production Lift deployments get all
the attention they need to succeed.
<span>@harryh, Foursquare Engineering Tech Lead</span>
<div class="qoute">
Lift is the kind of web framework that enables you as a developer to concentrate on the big picture. Strong, expressive typing and higher-level features like the built-in Comet support allow you to focus on innovating instead of the plumbing. Building a rich, real-time web application like Novell Pulse requires a framework with the power of Lift under the covers.
<span>David LaPalomento, Developer, Novell</span>
<div class="qoute">
<p>Lift is the only new framework in the last four years to offer fresh and innovative approaches to web development. It's not just some incremental improvements over the status quo, it redefines the state of the art. If you are a web developer, you should learn Lift. Even if you don't wind up using it everyday, it will change the way you approach web applications.</p>
<span>Michael Galpin, Developer, eBay</span>
<div class="quote">
Just thanks for Lift.<br/>
It's just so darn good.<br/>
I'm one-manning this giant app and I couldn't
do it with anything but Lift.
<span>Tyler Weir, author
<i>The Definative Guide to Lift</i></span>
<div class="qoute">
<p>Lift's excellent 'Comet made easy' philosophy made it an absolute no-brainer as the choice of framework for the Apache ESME project. Additionally, the fact that Lift-based applications run unchanged on the SAP's NetWeaver CE Java application server makes this an intriguing approach for enterprise applications in the SAP world.</p>
<span>Darren Hague. SAP Mentor, ESME team lead</span>
<div class="qoute">
<p>The interest and excitement about Scala continues to grow.
It's great to see Lift reaching the 1.0 milestone as this is a
proof point for the maturity of Scala as a software platform.</p>
<span>Martin Odersky, ACM Fellow, Father of Scala</span>
<div class="qoute">
<p>Lift just rocks !</p>
<span>Lukasz Kuczera, Lift Community Member</span>
<div class="qoute">
<p>The slight added complexity of static typing is more than offset
by the performance, scalability, and the benefits of type safety.
Lift is maturing rapidly and has already proven itself many times
over, and it will only get better.</p>
<p>As much as I liked Ruby and Rails, I like Scala and Lift better.
After more than two years of developing software in Ruby/Rails, we've
shifted all our development efforts to Scala/Lift.
And we are not looking back.</p>
<span> Charles Munat, Lightsource</span>
<div class="qoute">
<p>When I decided to put Innovation Games® online, I knew that I couldn't afford a
massive development effort. I needed a small, sharp team who could leverage best-in-class
tools to help us solve the problems we knew that we'd have to solve in creating
a new kind of collaborative gaming experience on the web. David suggested
Lift and Scala and initial testing proved that we could realize the
developer efficiency and backend scalability that we felt was required to
efficiently support thousands of simultaneous games. We're now very comfortable
with Lift and Scala and are pleased with how the solution framework continues to evolve
to meet our needs. While we've used lift to push the boundaries of interactive web design,
I strongly recommend anyone who wants to build a compelling web experience using an
elegant framework to consider using Lift.</p>
<span>Luke Hohmann, CEO Enthiosys</span>
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