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RSYNCFLAGS = -rv --delete
all : master.pdf
html : master.lyx
@echo [Building HTML]
# latex2html -split 3 -local_icons -no_antialias_text -no_antialias -white master.tex
# ./
rm -rf master/
rm -rf onepage/
mkdir master/
mkdir onepage/
cp -R templates/css master/
cp -R templates/css onepage/
cp -R templates/scripts master/
cp -R templates/scripts onepage/
python --splitpart 1 --defaultbrush "scala" --template templates/template.html master.lyx master/index.html
python --defaultbrush "scala" --template templates/template.html master.lyx onepage/index.html
tar cvzf master.html.tgz master/
tar cvzf onepage.html.tgz onepage/
pdf : master.pdf
master.pdf : master.aux
master.tex : *.lyx
@echo [Exporting PDFLaTeX]
@lyx -e pdflatex master.lyx
master.aux : master.tex
@echo [Building PDF]
pdflatex master.tex
makeindex master.idx
@bash -c "while pdflatex master.tex && grep -q \"Rerun to get cross-references right\" master.log ; do echo \" Rebuilding references\" ; done"
@echo [Built PDF]
rm -f *.tex images/*.eps *.toc *.aux *.dvi *.idx *.lof *.log *.out *.toc *.lol master.pdf
rm -rf master/
install: pdf html
rsync $(RSYNCFLAGS) master.pdf master.html.tgz onepage.html.tgz
rsync $(RSYNCFLAGS) master/
rsync $(RSYNCFLAGS) onepage/
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