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Start of Lift 2.0 work (attribute handling)

Closes #5

Made a minor fix and decided to go ahead and start working
on the Lift 2.0 changes. The first change is a reorg and
revision of how Lift handles attributes on elements. Moved all
relevant sections to chapter 3 (fundamentals), revised attribute
binding to talk about the "-%>" operator, and made a subsection
in the forms chapter about using the varargs params on SHtml.*
to simplify attribute handling.
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dchenbecker committed Jun 18, 2010
1 parent 283da72 commit fd6256e768276ff81ee80f0116330ef957c95831
Showing with 749 additions and 241 deletions.
  1. +187 −185 chap-advanced.lyx
  2. +120 −52 chap-forms.lyx
  3. +439 −2 chap-lift_architecture.lyx
  4. +3 −2 master.lyx
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