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Sample code of URL rewrite has compilation error. #35

xiaowl opened this Issue Dec 15, 2010 · 1 comment

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xiaowl commented Dec 15, 2010

In sec 3.7 code list 3.6, A Complex Rewrite Example, there is a val declaration,
val rewriter = {
case RewriteRequest(ParsePath(username :: Nil, _, _, _),
if isMgmtSubnet(httpreq.getRemoteHost()) =>
RewriteResponse(deleteUser :: Nil, Map(username -> username))
The Scala compiler will compile the case statement to a Functionk or PartialFunction object, but if you don't specify the val type, there should be a compilation error. I think it should be,
val rewriter:PartialFunction[RewriteRequest,RewriteResponse] = {...}
My Scala version is
This book is great, thanks for your work :-)
Kevin Xiao


Updated broken rewrite example listing

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