compile error in RestAPI.scala - No implicit view available #11

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Lift version 2.4 M4
IDE: netbeans 7.0.1

Errors on line 164 and 170: No implicit view available

serveJx {
case Get(List("api", "expense", Expense(expense,_)), _) => Full(expense)

// Just an example of autoconversion
serveJx {
case Get(List("api", "greet", name),_) =>
auto(Map("greeting" ->
Map("who" -> name,
"what" -> ("Hello at " + new java.util.Date))))

as per this thread I gave the first block a hint [Expense] and it solved the issue

serveJx[Expense] {
case Get(List("api", "expense", Expense(expense,_)), _) => Full(expense)

the second (example of autoconversion), since I haven't gotten that far in the book, I just deleted. After those two changes, the whole project compiled.

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