Formlet implementation in Scala
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Formlets - A Nice Form Abstraction

Inspired by the paper

The Essence of Form Abstraction by
Ezra Cooper, Sam Lindley, Philip Wadler, and Jeremy Yallop

Formlets site and the paper.

This file contains the very first parts of a Formlet implementation in Scala - It's not usable yet; I'm simply exploring the idea at the moment.

A Formlet[A] represents a form that, when processed, yields a value of type A. Sort of. A Formlet is an applicative functor(*) so you can combine Formlets using <*>. Once you combined smaller forms to produce the form you want you can then invoke the 'run' method with an initial 'name source' and it will return a tuple of the HTML (NodeSeq) that represents the form and a function (Map[String, String] => A) - It is then up to you to use the markup to build the map that you pass to the function - I will of course provide such a hook for Lift.

See Application.scala for an example

(*) It's not a Monad because that would require that you could use the result of a Formlet to build another Formlet - This of course isn't possible because we don't have the values entered by the user when we're constructing the markup.