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Long Expressive Memory for Sequence Modeling
*ICLR 2022 Spotlight*

This repository contains the implementation to reproduce the numerical experiments of the ICLR 2022 [spotlight] paper Long Expressive Memory for Sequence Modeling


A fast mixed C++/CUDA PyTorch extension implementation of LEM is now available (3-5 times faster than LEM using standard PyTorch+cuda on GPUs).

It's as easy to use as PyTorch's nn.LSTM or nn.GRU.

Follow the steps in LEM_cuda directory to compile the extensions. We also provide a simple example on how to use it.

If you are planning on using LEM for your own project, I strongly recommend to use the compiled PyTorch extension (in LEM_cuda) instead of the standard PyTorch code we provide in src.

Running the experiments


You can install the requirements using python 3.7 with

conda create --name lem python=3.7
conda activate lem

pip install -r requirements.txt


This repository contains the codes to reproduce the results of the following experiments for the proposed LEM:

  • Adding Task
  • EigenWorms
  • FitzHugh-Nagumo
  • Google12 (V2)
  • Heart rate prediction
  • noisy CIFAR-10
  • Permuted Sequential MNIST
  • PennTree Bank (word- and char-level)
  • Sequential MNIST

All datasets get either synthetically generated or downloaded automatically, providing a full data pipline for each experiment.
Note that the PTB experiments are based on the open-source tensorflow project LAnguage Modelling Benchmarks (lamb) for tuning and testing Tensorflow language models. In order to reproduce these experiments, please follow the steps explained in the README of the PTB directory.


If you found our work useful in your research, please cite our paper at:

  title={Long Expressive Memory for Sequence Modeling},
  author={Rusch, T Konstantin and Mishra, Siddhartha and Erichson, N Benjamin and Mahoney, Michael W},
  booktitle={International Conference on Learning Representations},

(Also consider starring the project on GitHub.)