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This Sphinx extension allows you to embed images on Google Drive into your document:

.. image::



$ pip install sphinxcontrib-googledrive

Prepare your Google Apps

This extension expects you to create Google Apps and its Service Account. Please read the document of Google Client Libraries: Using OAuth 2.0 for Server to Server Applications and create your service account. And please generate a private key for the account.

Configure Sphinx

Add sphinxcontrib.googledrive to extensions at

extensions += ['sphinxcontrib.googledrive']

And let the private key for your service account to Sphinx through one of the following methods:

  1. Set content of the private key via environment variable GOOGLE_DRIVE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY:

    $ export GOOGLE_DRIVE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY='{"type": "service_account", ...}'
  2. Set a path to the private key file via googledrive_service_account in

    googledrive_service_account = '/path/to/private.key'


Please give an URL of caoo diagrams to image or figure directives as an argument:

.. image::

.. figure::

   caption of figure

Configuration Options

A path to private key for service account.
Trim white space or not (boolean).


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