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a user management module collection for the yii framework

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a user management module collection for the yii framework

It has the following features:

  • An automated Installer
  • User Administration
  • Role Administration
  • Permission System with a mixture of RBAC and ACL (see docs)
  • Profiles & Profile history & Profile Comments & Profile Fields Administration
  • Messaging System (send/receive Messages between Users) Submodule
  • User groups (user can add new groups, other users can join)
  • User Avatar upload
  • User Registration
  • Password Recovery
  • Friendship system
  • Mailing component (users can choose which messages he gets by email)
  • Base Language: English
  • Complete Translations to german, french
  • Almost complete Translation to spain thanks to
  • Incomplete Translations to russian and polish

The documentation is stored in the user/docs directory. Please read user/docs/install.txt for a installation instruction.

Please DO read the documentation since it is not 100% trivial to install this module. There also is a FAQ of common mistakes at the end.

Report all issues to the github issue tracker, thank you!

Enjoy this module.

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