An endlessly running 2D Android Game
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An endlessly running 2D Android Game


• FoodWeb is an addictive 2-D field runner game developed to keep the player entertained and engaged. • FoodWeb is developed using Java and can run on any Android device having Android version 3.2 or above. • The game is developed by following the Agile methodology of software development.

Game Play

• The player starts as a deer and can eat items like grass and cherry, while dodging items like rocks ,buffaloes ,zebras ,dinosaurs ,pits which are considered as obstacles to a deer. • The player will evolve into an lion when he takes a power up, now the player can eat animals higher in the food chain while facing lesser obstacles. • Similarly the player can evolve into a human (the highest level in the food chain as far as this game is concerned), the consumables and obstacles will change accordingly. Thus the player avatar, the eatables and obstacles change dynamically during run-time based on player actions. • The game difficulty level increases every 120 secs increasing the speed, no of obstacles and the score points awarded. • The player can score more by collecting water jugs which are bonuses, distributed randomly in the game.

Tasks performed in this project

• Planned and prepared:

  1. Software Requirements Specification document
  2. Design document
  3. Test case document • Implemented the project using Java in Android Studio.