Very simple rake tasks for finding missing and unused translations in Rails applications using the I18n library.
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Very simple rake tasks for finding missing and unused translations in Rails and Ruby applications using the I18n library.


gem install i18n_tools


If you use bundler in Rails, add the following to your Gemfile:

group :development do
  gem 'i18n_tools'

If you use bundler outside of Rails, use

gem 'i18n_tools', :require => 'i18n_tools/tasks'

Finally, if you're not using bundler, then include the following snippet into your Rakefile:

  require 'i18n_tools/tasks'
rescue LoadError

The begin and rescue block makes sure that your Rakefile won't report an error when the gem is not installed. This is because the gem is clearly only useful while developing.

Now you can run the following tasks:

  • LOCALE=xyz rake translations:missing -- detects missing translations from your project in locale xyz and outputs them to stdout in YAML format.
  • LOCALE=xyz rake translations:unused -- detects translations in locale xyz that are not used by any of your code and outputs the translation keys.
  • rake translations:merge -- will merge new translations added to the bottom of the YAML file into the rest of the file. Make sure the parts are separated by a line containing three dashes (---). The easiest way to do this is by using rake translations:missing and copy the output into the YAML file before running this task.

Tweaking it

By default, i18n_tools looks for ruby code inside the app/ directory as well as views inside app/views/. If you use non-standard locations (such as "modules/" or something like that), add the following to your Rakefile:

I18nTools::Scanner.code_paths << "modules/**/*.rb"

For non-standard view paths, use

I18nTools::Scanner.view_paths << "app/mailer_views/**/*.erb"

Some files might contain parts that look like calls to the translation library, but actually aren't. To exclude these files from the output, write them into the file .i18nignore in your Rails.root, as regular expressions, one per line. Empty lines or lines starting with # are ignored.

There is something special about the translations:unused task. In its default configuration it might report things that are actually used. To exclude these false positives, enter each key prefix to ignore into the file .i18nignore_unused (omit the locale).


As usual, fork, commit, pull request.