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A Netlify Build Plugin to trigger SpeedCurve tests for each deploy
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Known Vulnerabilities

Netlify SpeedCurve Deploy Plugin

After a successful build, tell SpeedCurve you've deployed and trigger a round of testing.


  1. Install the plugin using npm:
npm i netlify-build-plugin-speedcurve
  1. Update your netlify.yml configuration file to reference the plugin in your plugins section:

    type: netlify-build-plugin-speedcurve
  1. Grab your SpeedCurve API Key (Admin > Teams) and the ID for the site you want to test (under Settings > Sites) and store them as environmental variables inside of Netlify. At the moment, Netlify Build plugins are in private beta so you'll need to work with the Netlify folks to get build plugins enabled.

  2. Using the latest version of the Netlify CLI, run a dry build:

netlify build --dry

If you see Plugin netlify-build-plugin-speedcurve netlify-build-plugin-speedcurve attached to the finally lifecycle, you should be all set! Deploy knowing that you're tracking each change in SpeedCurve for analysis.

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