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Boilerplate of python3 package which provides command line tool
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Boilerplate of python3 package which provides command line tool capable to:

  • be installed in venv
  • be installed using
  • be runned directly from source directory if environment dependencies already satisfied

In order to convert this boilerplate to real project you have to:

  1. Edit version, name, dependencies
  2. Rename clitoolboilerplate module directory
  3. Adjust imports
  4. (Optional) Add dependencies to requirements.txt


Method 1. System-wide install

Run in project directory:

python3 -m pip install .

Package scripts shall be available in standard executable locations upon completion.

Method 2. Running from project directory

Installing dependencies:

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Now script can be run right from source directory.

Пользовательская установка pip

Both previous methods can be run with --user option of pip installer. In this case superuser privileges are not required and package shall be installed to user home directory. So, for first method script executabled will appear in ~/.local/bin.

Method 3. Install into virtualenv

See "Building virtualenv"

Building virtualenv

Run make in project directory in order to build virtualenv. As result of it, new directory venv shall appear. venv contains interpreter and all required dependencies, i.e. encloses package with depencencies in separate environment. It is possible to specify alternative path where virtualenv directory shall be placed. Specify VENV variable for make command. Example:

make VENV=~/myapp-venv

Such virtual environment can be moved to another machine of similar type (as far python interpreter is compatible with new environment). If virtualenv is placed into same location on new machine, application can be runned this way:


Otherwise, some hacks required. First option - explicitly call virtualenv interpreter:

venv/bin/python venv/bin/cli-tool

Second option - specify new path in shebang of scripts installed in virtualenv. It is recommended to build virtualenv at same location which app shall occupy on target system.

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