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My Emacs configuration

It's here so that I can synchronize it across computers I work with.

I have copied or adapted the contents of some of the files from other people. For small chunks of code, I have embedded the source URL in a comment inside the file. When copying has been extensive, I have retained the original copyright in the file. Thank you all!

3rd party tools in use

GNU Global

Used by ggtags.el, configured in etc/minor-modes.el.

Configure Global to use Exuberant Ctags for finding symbol definitions Pygments for symbol references.

Installation, on MacOS:

brew install ctags
brew install global --with-ctags --with-pygments

I use configuration files for Ctags and Global.


Used by TLS connections established by Emacs.

Installation, on MacOS:

brew install libressl
export PATH="$(brew --prefix libressl)/bin:$PATH"

In etc/network.el, I customize variable gnutls-trustfiles to point to the cert store file of LibreSSL.