Compatibility layers

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Compatibility layers allow to install or run non-native games. For each tool to be usable some software needs to be installed and available in $PATH.

Available compatibility layers

TL;DR: For Windows-only GOG games try innoextract, use wine or proton if it fails.


  • Innoextract - requires innoextract, allows to extract InnoSetup installers (including GOG installers).
  • Wine - requires wine, allows to get game files from installer by actually running it.
  • Proton - requires Steam and Steam Play/Proton, same as Wine.


  • Wine
  • Proton
  • DOSBox - requires dosbox
  • RetroArch - requires retroarch and corresponding libretro cores
  • "Custom script" - starts custom shell script instead of game
  • "Custom emulator" - allows to use emulators defined in settings

You can select any tool at any time for both installation and launch.

For GOG installers innoextract is preferred, because it extracts game without actually executing any installer code.

Game installer files will be downloaded once regardless of compatibility layer selected. You can retry installation later with another tool without redownloading files.

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