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A sbt 0.13 plugin to create lock.sbt file which explicitly specifies versions of all dependent libraries.

Your application or dependent libraries might contain loose version dependencies, like [1.0,) (means version 1.0 or later), latest.release, etc. In this case, builds might become different by a newer release of dependent libraries.

This plugin strictly specifies versions by dependencyOverrides.


Add the following line to ~/.sbt/0.13/plugins/sbt-lock.sbt for sbt 0.13.x, ~/.sbt/1.0/plugins/sbt-lock.sbt for sbt 1.0.x or project/plugins.sbt.

addSbtPlugin("com.github.tkawachi" % "sbt-lock" % "0.6.2")
  • lock to create lock.sbt file. lock.sbt includes dependencyOverrides for all dependent library versions. Manage it with version control system.
  • unlock to delete lock.sbt file.
  • checkLockUpdate to print whether the lock file needs an update.


  • excludeDependencies could be used to exclude some dependencies from locking. This could be required for platform-specific dependencies (e.g. Netty native)

    import com.github.tkawachi.sbtlock._
    val settings: Seq[Setting[_]] = Seq(
      excludeDependencies in SbtLockKeys.lock := Seq(
        "org.reactivemongo" % "reactivemongo-shaded-native"
  • sbtLockIgnoreOverridesOnStaleHash := true (default: false) makes libraryDependencies changes to take effect on reload, even without a ;unlock;reload;lock cycle.

    Enabling is useful to match expectations of 1. update library dependencies, 2. reload, 3. see changes immediately.


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