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My template for medium-to-large Sinatra projects.
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config add cachebusting support for assets
db/migrations re-organize
lib compile assets on startup
public re-organize
tasks compile assets on startup
Gemfile sinatra-content-for2 is not needed
Rakefile buildout handle nested directories property for cache-busting

A template for medium-to-large Sinatra projects.

This repository contains my preferred full-stack Ruby toolkit, configured and ready to roll in a well-organized structure.

|-config           -- config files go here (duh)
|---template.yml   -- rename to app.yml
|-db               -- database files go here
|---migrations     -- sequel migrations go here
|-lib              -- app code goes here
|---template       -- rename folder to app name
|-----assets       -- assets go here to be pipelined
|-------css        -- css/sass files here
|-------js         -- js/coffeescript files here
|---------vendor   -- javascript libraries here
|-----classes      -- app code that is not a helper or a model goes here
|-----controllers  -- controllers/routing here
|-----helpers      -- helper functions available to templates go here
|-----models       -- data models go here
|-----views        -- page templates go here
|-----app.rb       -- sinatra config goes here
|---template.rb    -- rename to app.rb and require all dependencies / configs here
|-public           -- static files go here
|-spec             -- tests go here
|-tasks            -- rake tasks go here
|---console.rb     -- load irb with access to models/routes etc
|        -- rackup file


Rake-pipeline's rack middleware only runs automatically during development. Assets will automatically compile at startup, but they will not dynamically recompile in production (they are cache-busted based on a hash of the version number in the project's config file).


All the creators and contributors of the awesome tools this framework is built on.

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