CAD files for a super portable aluminum oven.
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Super Portable Aluminum Oven

This repository contains 3D SolidWorks and DXF files for a portable aluminum oven that my wife and I designed and fabricated for use on a two year bicycle tour around the world. We heated it using the venerable MSR WhisperLite stove.

The parts were cut by KMT WaterJet. The material used was 6061-T6 aluminum, except the diffuser plate and rack, which were run-of-the-mill steel.

There are a lot of things we’d change about the design if we did it again (and we may update this at some point in the future). That said, here are some caveats to keep in mind if you fabricate this thing as-is:

  1. You’ll need some sort of pliers or something to attach to the door handle to slide it open. It gets HOT.
  2. Only use the top rack; the bottom rack is too close to the diffuser plate and everything will end up burned.
  3. You’ll want to put something heavy, like a can of soup or similar on the top while you’re cooking, otherwise when you slide the door open, the oven the top will pop off.
  4. The door latching mechanism is sort of fiddly, and there isn’t really any way to work around it (short of changing the design).
  5. After the oven is hot, you’ll want to run your stove on the lowest setting possible, otherwise you’ll probably burn the bottom of what you’re cooking. The whole oven really ought to be a touch taller so the food can be moved further from the diffuser plate.

Download CAD Files Here

A Few Journals Featuring Our Oven: