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README.rst is a Mopidy-Podcast v1.x extension for searching and browsing podcasts using the Web service.

Status support has been an experiment and a proof of concept to test out the Mopidy-Podcast v1.0 API for alternate podcast directory support more than anything else.

At this point in time, it is not being actively worked on, and is no longer compatible with Mopidy-Podcast v2.0. If you are interested in fixing this please do get in touch or start sending pull requests :-)


First, make sure you have Mopidy-Podcast version 1.x installed. Note that this extension is not compatible with Mopidy-Podcast 2.0 and later. Then can be installed by running:

pip install


The default configuration contains everything to get you up and running, and will usually require only a few modifications to match personal preferences:

enabled = true

# base URL
base_url =

# user-friendly name for browsing the root directory
root_name =

# format string for tag (top-level) results; field names are: tag,
# usage
tag_format = {tag}

# format string for podcast results; field names are: description,
# subscribers, subscribers_last_week, title, url, website
podcast_format = {title}

# default number of tags or podcasts to show when browsing
count = 20

# HTTP request timeout in seconds
timeout = 10

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Copyright (c) 2014 Thomas Kemmer.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.