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A decentralised Internet sharing app

##Background The internet is now a basic human right and the number of people who can live without it grows smaller everyday. The way ISPs sell internet packages today, is very wasteful and thus expensive for consumers. Lot's of consumers are paying for bandwidth they are not consuming in it's entirety. This bandwidth could be used by passersby but no one wants to share their bandwidth with others because:

  1. No one wants to give away their unused bandwidth to passersby for free because of the free rider problem.

  2. Secondly, if someone wanted to charge passersby for internet, there is no way to efficiently and fairly collect payments from them for the internet they consume.

These are the problems that DISA will attempt to solve.

##About DISA DISA is an application that allows anyone who wants to share their intent connection and be rewarded for doing so to share their internet connection with passersby who also have the same app.

##How it works. The App will have the following basic features:

  1. Those who wish to share internet can install the app on a device that is connected to the internet. The app will create a hotspot thus sharing an sharing the intenet connection.

  2. The party that is sharing an internet connection chooses how they wish to charge passersby to connect to the internet. Charges can either be per second or per byte.

  3. Passersby can only connect to the hotspot if and only if they have the app installed on the device they wish to connect to the internet to.

  4. Passersby are shown the cost and conditions of connecting before they connect to this shared hotspot and they have to agree to both before connecting.

  5. Passersby can pay using bitcoin micropayments

  6. The app can tell you who is sharing an internet connnection near you.

##Who will find this app useful

  1. Individuals who wish to share an internet connection. The individuals who may wish to do this are probably those who have free or unlimited access to internet (at home, at work or with their MNO). These individuals will also have more capacity than they can use.

  2. Businesses. These will probably be businesses who have an unlimited internet subscripition but don't use that capacity on certain times of the day (or night) or on certain days (such as weekends). These businesses can even install the app on as a feature on firmwire projects such as Tomato.

  3. People who need an internet connection. This can be people who have travelled to a different place and cannot easily or quickly get an internet connection there or people who have exhauseted their internet subscription and need a quick and cheap way to access the internet.

The app will be completely opensource.