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Tim Kersey

Los Angeles, CA

Carbon Five — February 2018 to present (Senior Software Developer)

Working as both individual contributor and technical lead as needed when consulting on client projects.

  • iOS app for a large, midwestern bank
    • Led team through implementing advanced Swift/iOS concepts to prepare the codebase for growth
      Technologies used: Swift, RxSwift, Swagger
  • iOS and Android apps for remote group therapy
    • Built using Saas solutions for HIPAA compliance under extremely short deadline
      Technologies used: React Native, Expo, Firebase
  • iOS and Android app for Mexican small business credit card
    • Led to to recongize the opportunity to build using SwiftUI/Combine and implemented using Elm/Redux architecture
      Technologies used: SwiftUI, Combine, The Composable Architecture (TCA), Figma
  • Launched telehealth and chatbot services in the US for UK based company
    • Co-led team of 12+ to customize existing microservices for US Market (HIPAA compliance, EHR integration, Localization)
      Technologies used: Swift, ReactiveSwift, Bento, OpenTok, React, Rails, Java, Spring
  • iOS app for socially responsible investing
    • Written declaratively using many ideas from functional programming
      Technologies used: Swift, RxSwift, RxDataSources, Rails, React

Skurt — May 2017 to January 2018 (Senior Software Engineer)

iOS development lead building an app to deliver rental cars to customers

  • Led the transition from monolithic feature development to incremental improvements in small batches
  • Implemented a test driven development process, including full test coverage on all new features and backfilling of test coverage when refactoring
  • Executed product transition from reservations to on-demand rentals
  • Reduced app size by 30% without loss of functionality and improved build times by 300%
    Technologies used: Swift, RxSwift, Swagger

Pivotal Labs — November 2015 to May 2017 (Senior Software Engineer)

Worked in collaboration with designers, product managers and developers to guide client team members to working in a Lean/Extreme Programming style

  • tvOS app for a lean-back, recommendation based video experience for pre-funded startup
  • Software to manage broadcast tv for online streaming in React/Java/Spring for a large broadcast tv company
  • Redesign of meal plan workflow for FoodTech in Node/Angular
  • iOS app for FinTech startup in auto loan space
  • iOS app for an auto club in Southern California developed in Objective-C
    Technologies used: Swift, tvOS, Objective-C, Node, React, Java, Spring, Rails, XP

ThinkALike — April 2015 to October 2015 (Senior Software Engineer)

iOS based social network designed to discover unknown connections between users

  • Worked alongside Pivotal Labs to architect and build a photo-based social network
    Technologies used: Swift, Rails, CloudFoundry

Freelance — October 2013 to March 2015

Worked with pre-funded startups to build minimally viable products under condensed timelines

  • iOS keyboard extension with row of custom actions including quickly sharing current location using both Apple and Google Maps
  • iOS app to aggregate all social content from your favorite musicians
  • iOS app to find and redeem deals by sharing via social networks
    Technologies used: Swift, Objective-C, Keyboard extensions, CloudKit, Slack, Sketch

Gray's College Enterprises — November 1998 to October 2013 (Director/Developer)

Gray's owned and operated eight off-campus retail stores catering to the college market and ran a wholesale division that distributed textbooks for retail and direct to customers

  • Designed and built from scratch an iOS app customized for the purchase of textbooks directly from students while at a remote location
  • Designed and built a tool to search Amazon for arbitrage opportunities on textbooks
  • Developed tools to automatically acquire critical business information about required textbooks for classes from campus websites
  • Designed and led development of a custom textbook inventory management system
    Technologies used: Objective-C, Ruby, Tokyo Cabinet, MessagePack
Open source contributions
  • Homebrew
  • ReSwift
  • Various Rubygems


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