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Helm/anything interface for build commands
Emacs Lisp
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Helm/anything interface for build commands

helm-build-command.el helps you to run "build commands" such as make from everywhere in the project directory tree. Despite the prefix helm- in it, anything.el user can also use helm-build-command.el.

It supports only make, waf, python, tox now. To extend it, see the instruction below.


Manual install

  1. Put helm-build-command.el under some directory in your load-path.
  2. Put (require helm-build-command.el) in your Emacs setup.


anything.el user:
M-x anything-build-command
helm.el user:
M-x helm-build-command

How to extend

helm-build-command.el uses EIEIO to define command task.

Here is a simplified version of command definition:

(defclass hbc-command-setup-py (hbc-command-make)
  ((name :initarg :name :initform "")
   (makefile :initarg :makefile :initform "")
   (command-format :initarg :command-format :initform "python %s")))

(defmethod hbc-list-targets ((task hbc-command-setup-py))
  (list "build" "build_ext" "build_ext --inplace" "clean"))

Required slots:

name : string
A short name for this task.
makefile : string
Here, makefile slot specifies a file which determines a directory to run the build command. When helm-build-command is run, makefile is searched in current directory and parent directories.
command-format : string
A format string with one argument.

Required method:

This function must return a list of string. Each string will be passed to the format string command-format.

To use this command class, you need to add it to hbc-task-classes:

(setq hbc-task-classes '(hbc-command-make hbc-command-setup-py))
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