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NE2WM: Non-Equilibrium Emacs Window Manager

-- until it reaches to the equilibrium state --

NE2WM is a set of perspectives, plugins, utility functions and commands for Equilibrium Emacs Window Manager (E2WM).

You need to install e2wm.el (and its dependency window-layout.el) to try NE2WM. If you use el-get, you can install NE2WM as a package ne2wm and let el-get handle the dependencies.

To load all NE2WM functionality, add the following line in your Emacs setting.

(require 'ne2wm-setup)

You can load specific files if you like.

Perspectives and plugins

  • ne2wm-pst-code+.el --- code+ perspective
  • ne2wm-pst-magit+.el --- magit+ perspective
  • ne2wm-pst-monky+.el --- monky+ perspective
  • ne2wm-pst-one+.el --- one+ perspective
  • ne2wm-pst-three+.el --- three+ perspective
  • ne2wm-pst-two+.el --- two+ perspective
  • ne2wm-pst-vc-annotate.el --- a perspective to use vc-annotate command
  • ne2wm-plugin-history-list+.el --- history-list plugin for many windows
  • ne2wm-plugin-org-clock.el --- org-clock plugin
  • ne2wm-utils.el --- utility functions
  • ne2wm-toggle.el --- buffer-toggling utilities for e2wm


Rotate windows -- ne2wm:win-ring-rotate

This is how ne2wm:win-ring-rotate command works in the three+ perspective. Focus stays in the second column window (dark background):


Move the current window forward -- ne2wm:win-ring-push

This is how ne2wm:win-ring-push command works in the three+ perspective. This time, the "1" window is always selected:


org-clock plugin

When you clock-in (C-c C-x C-i) an org node, this window will pop-up: