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;;; ne2wm-utils.el --- utility functions
;; Copyright (C) 2012 Takafumi Arakaki
;; Author: Takafumi Arakaki
;; Keywords: tools, window manager
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(require 'e2wm)
(require 'e2wm-vcs)
(require 'ne2wm-pst-magit+)
(require 'ne2wm-pst-monky+)
;;; Commands
(defvar ne2wm:last-main-window-name nil)
(defun ne2wm:record-main-window ()
"Call this function before switching to \"sub\" window.
See `ne2wm:toggle-sub' and `ne2wm:unfocus-sub' for how it is
(setq ne2wm:last-main-window-name
(wlf:get-window-name (e2wm:pst-get-wm) (selected-window))))
(defun ne2wm:next-non-sub-window-name ()
(or ne2wm:last-main-window-name
(e2wm:$pst-main (e2wm:pst-get-instance))))
(defun ne2wm:unfocus-sub ()
"Select the window where the cursor was just before switching
to sub window."
(e2wm:pst-window-select (ne2wm:next-non-sub-window-name)))
(defun ne2wm:toggle-sub (&optional move-buffer)
"Toggle on/off of e2wm sub window.
If the universal prefix argument is given, the current buffer
will be shown in the next window."
(interactive "P")
(let* ((prev-buf (current-buffer))
(wm (e2wm:pst-get-wm))
(in-sub-p (eq (wlf:get-window-name wm (selected-window)) 'sub))
;; When *not* in sub, do not specify NEXT-WINDOW so that
;; `e2wm:pst-window-toggle' let me stay in the current
;; window.
(next-window (when in-sub-p
(unless in-sub-p
(e2wm:aif (e2wm:pst-window-toggle 'sub t next-window)
(when move-buffer
(wlf:set-buffer wm it prev-buf)))))
(defun ne2wm:toggle-focus-sub (&optional move-buffer)
"Toggle focus on sub window.
It's like `ne2wm:toggle-sub' but doesn't close sub window.
If the universal prefix argument is given, the current buffer
will be shown in the next window."
(interactive "P")
(let* ((prev-buf (current-buffer))
(wm (e2wm:pst-get-wm))
(in-sub-p (eq (wlf:get-window-name wm (selected-window)) 'sub))
(next-window (if in-sub-p (ne2wm:next-non-sub-window-name) 'sub)))
(unless in-sub-p
(wlf:show wm 'sub))
(wlf:select wm next-window)
(when move-buffer
(wlf:set-buffer wm next-window prev-buf))))
(defun ne2wm:hide-sub ()
"Hide e2wm sub window."
(let ((wm (e2wm:pst-get-wm)))
(when (eq (wlf:get-window-name wm (selected-window)) 'sub)
(wlf:hide wm 'sub)))
(defun ne2wm:select-sub ()
"Focus e2wm sub window."
(let ((wm (e2wm:pst-get-wm)))
(wlf:select wm 'sub)))
(defun ne2wm:popup-sub-tail (buffer)
"Popup BUFFER in sub window and `recenter' at the bottom of the window."
(e2wm:pst-buffer-set 'sub buffer t t)
(set-window-point (selected-window) (point-max))
(recenter -2))
(defun ne2wm:popup-messages ()
"Display *Messages* buffer in sub window."
(ne2wm:popup-sub-tail (get-buffer "*Messages*")))
(defun ne2wm:pst-update-windows-command ()
"Reset window configurations.
This is an extend version of `e2wm:pst-update-windows-command'.
Additional feature:
* Move buffer shown in the current window to the top of the history list.
(let* ((wm (e2wm:pst-get-wm))
(curwname (wlf:get-window-name wm (selected-window))))
(e2wm:history-add (current-buffer))
(e2wm:pst-buffer-set curwname (current-buffer)) ; forcefully track buffer
(e2wm:pst-window-select curwname))) ; avoid changing window focus
(defun ne2wm:open-vcs ()
"Open VCS perspective depending on the VCS used in the project.
Currently, only Magit (Git) and Monky (Mercurial) are supported."
(let ((dir default-directory))
;; magit
((and dir (magit-get-top-dir dir))
;; monky
((condition-case err
(error nil))
;; FIXME: support SVN
;; otherwise
(message "Not in VCS")))))
(defun ne2wm:win-ring-get (&optional frame):
(e2wm:frame-param-get 'ne2wm:win-ring frame))
(defun ne2wm:win-ring-set (val &optional frame):
(e2wm:frame-param-set 'ne2wm:win-ring val frame))
(defun ne2wm:rorate-list-right (seq offset)
(if (<= offset 0)
(append (last seq) (nbutlast seq)) (1- offset))))
(defun ne2wm:rorate-list-left (seq offset)
(if (<= offset 0)
(ne2wm:rorate-list-left (append (cdr seq) (list (car seq))) (1- offset))))
(defun ne2wm:rorate-list (seq &optional offset)
(setq offset (or offset 1))
(if (<= offset 0)
(ne2wm:rorate-list-left seq (- offset))
(ne2wm:rorate-list-right seq offset)))
(defun ne2wm:win-ring-rotate ()
(interactive) ; FIXME: use prefix arg
(loop with ring = (ne2wm:win-ring-get)
for wname in ring
for buf in (ne2wm:rorate-list (mapcar #'e2wm:pst-buffer-get ring))
do (e2wm:pst-buffer-set wname buf))
(defun ne2wm:find-next-in-seq (seq item &optional offset reverse)
"[internal] Return OFFSET-next position from ITEM in SEQ.
If OFFSET is omitted or nil, it is assumed to be 1.
If REVERSE is non-nil, find OFFSET-previous position instead.
(ne2wm:find-next-in-seq '(a b c d) 'b) ; => c
(ne2wm:find-next-in-seq '(a b c d) 'd) ; => a
(ne2wm:find-next-in-seq '(a b c d) 'b 2) ; => d
(ne2wm:find-next-in-seq '(a b c d) 'b -1) ; => a
(nth (loop for current in seq
for i from 0
when (eql current item)
return (mod (funcall (if reverse #'- #'+) i (or offset 1))
(length seq)))
(defun ne2wm:win-ring-push (arg)
"Switch the current window with the next window.
If universal prefix argument (C-u) is given, switch with the
previous window instead. If numerical prefix argument (e.g.,
M-2) is given, switch with the ARG-th next window."
(interactive "P")
(let* ((ring (ne2wm:win-ring-get))
(cur-wname (ne2wm:current-wname-in-list ring))
(when cur-wname
(ne2wm:find-next-in-seq ring cur-wname
(when (numberp arg) arg)
(and arg (listp arg))))))
(if (not next-wname)
(message "Not in win-ring windows %S." ring)
(let ((cur-buf (e2wm:pst-buffer-get cur-wname))
(next-buf (e2wm:pst-buffer-get next-wname)))
(e2wm:pst-buffer-set cur-wname next-buf)
(e2wm:pst-buffer-set next-wname cur-buf nil t))
(defun ne2wm:find-neighbor (seq item &optional reverse)
"[internal] Find neighbor of ITEM in SEQ."
(when reverse
(setq seq (reverse seq)))
(loop for previous = current
for current in seq
for next in (cdr seq)
if (eq current item)
return next
finally return previous))
(defun ne2wm:same-buffer-in-next-window (reverse)
"Show the current buffer in the next window.
When the prefix argument is given, show in the previous window."
(interactive "P")
(let ((ring (ne2wm:win-ring-get))
(wname (e2wm:aand (e2wm:pst-get-wm)
(wlf:get-window-name it (selected-window)))))
(e2wm:pst-buffer-set (ne2wm:find-neighbor ring wname reverse)
(current-buffer) nil t)
;;; Utility functions for e2wm
(defun ne2wm:current-wname-in-list (wname-list)
"Return current window name if it is found in WNAME-LIST."
(let ((wm (e2wm:pst-get-wm))
(curwin (selected-window)))
(loop for wname in wname-list
when (eql curwin (wlf:get-window wm wname))
return wname)))
(defun ne2wm:current-wname ()
"Return current window name."
(let ((wm (e2wm:pst-get-wm))
(curwin (selected-window)))
(loop for winfo in (wlf:wset-winfo-list wm)
for wname = (wlf:window-name winfo)
when (eql curwin (wlf:get-window wm wname))
return wname)))
(defun ne2wm:pst-buffer-set-current-window (buffer)
"Set the BUFFER in the current window."
(e2wm:aif (ne2wm:current-wname)
(e2wm:pst-buffer-set it buffer)
(message "Failed to set the buffer %S in the current window" it)))
;;; Misc
(defun ne2wm:load-files (&optional regex dir)
(let* ((dir (or dir (file-name-directory load-file-name)))
(regex (or regex ".+"))
(files (and
(file-accessible-directory-p dir)
(directory-files dir 'full regex))))
(mapc #'load files)))
(provide 'ne2wm-utils)
;;; ne2wm-utils.el ends here