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(require 'epc)
(when noninteractive
(load "subr")
(load "byte-run"))
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(message "Start EPC")
(defvar my-epc (epc:start-epc (or (getenv "PYTHON") "python")
'("-m" "epc.server")))
(message "Start request")
(epc:call-deferred my-epc 'echo '(10))
(deferred:nextc it
(lambda (x) (message "Return : %S" x))))
(message "Return : %S" (epc:call-sync my-epc 'echo '(10 40)))
(loop for i from 1 to 5
do (deferred:$
(epc:call-deferred my-epc 'echo (list i))
(deferred:nextc it
(lambda (x) (message "Return : %S" x)))))
(message "Return : %S"
(epc:sync my-epc (epc:query-methods-deferred my-epc)))
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