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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from sexpdata import (
ExpectClosingBracket, ExpectNothing,
parse, tosexp, Symbol, String, Quoted, bracket,
import unittest
from import eq_, raises
### Python 3 compatibility
if PY3:
utf8 = lambda s: s
utf8 = lambda s: s.decode('utf-8')
utf8.__doc__ = """
Decode a raw string into unicode object. Do nothing in Python 3.
### Test utils
def compare_parsed(sexp, obj):
eq_(parse(sexp), obj)
### Test cases
data_identity = [
[Symbol('a'), Symbol('b')],
[Symbol('a'), [Symbol('b')]],
[Symbol('a'), Quoted([Symbol('b')])],
[Symbol('a'), Quoted(Symbol('b')), Symbol('c')],
[Symbol('a'), Quoted([Symbol('b')]), Symbol('c')],
[Symbol('a'), Quoted(Symbol('b')), Quoted(Symbol('c')), Symbol('d')],
[Symbol('a'), Quoted(Symbol('b')), Symbol('c'), Quoted(Symbol('d'))],
[bracket([1, 2, 3], '[')],
[bracket([1, [2, bracket([3], '[')]], '[')],
Symbol(r'path join'),
data_identity += map(lambda x: x[0], String._lisp_quoted_specials)
data_identity += map(lambda x: x[1], String._lisp_quoted_specials)
def check_identity(obj):
eq_(parse(tosexp(obj))[0], obj)
def test_identity():
for data in data_identity:
yield (check_identity, data)
class BaseTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
def assert_parse(self, string, obj):
"""`string` must be parsed into `obj`."""
self.assertEqual(parse(string)[0], obj)
class TestSymbol(BaseTestCase):
def test_parse_symbol_with_backslash(self):
self.assert_parse(r'path\.join', Symbol(r'path.join'))
self.assert_parse(r'path\ join', Symbol(r'path join'))
self.assert_parse(r'path\\join', Symbol(r'path\join'))
def test_parse_special_symbols(self):
for s in [r'\\', r"\'", r"\`", r'\"', r'\(', r'\)', r'\[', r'\]',
r'\ ', r'\.', r'\,', r'\?', r'\;', r'\#']:
self.assert_parse(s, Symbol(Symbol.unquote(s)))
class TestParseFluctuation(BaseTestCase):
def test_spaces_must_be_ignored(self):
self.assert_parse(' \n\t\r ( ( a ) \t\n\r ( b ) ) ',
[[Symbol('a')], [Symbol('b')]])
def test_spaces_between_parentheses_can_be_skipped(self):
self.assert_parse('((a)(b))', [[Symbol('a')], [Symbol('b')]])
def test_spaces_between_double_quotes_can_be_skipped(self):
self.assert_parse('("a""b")', ['a', 'b'])
class TestUnicode(BaseTestCase):
ustr = utf8("日本語能力!!ソハンカク")
if not PY3:
# Let's not support dumping/parsing bytes.
# (In Python 3, ``string.encode()`` returns bytes.)
def test_dump_raw_utf8(self):
Test that sexpdata supports dumping encoded (raw) string.
See also:
ustr = self.ustr
sexp = utf8('"{0}"').format(ustr)
self.assertEqual(tosexp(ustr.encode('utf-8')), sexp)
def test_parse_raw_utf8(self):
ustr = self.ustr
sexp = utf8('"{0}"').format(ustr)
self.assert_parse(sexp.encode('utf-8'), ustr.encode('utf-8'))
def test_tosexp_str_as():
yield (eq_, tosexp('a', str_as='symbol'), 'a')
yield (eq_, tosexp(['a'], str_as='symbol'), '(a)')
yield (eq_, tosexp('a'), '"a"')
yield (eq_, tosexp(['a']), '("a")')
yield (eq_, tosexp(Quoted('a')), '\'"a"')
yield (eq_, tosexp(Quoted(['a']), str_as='symbol'), '\'(a)')
yield (eq_, tosexp([Quoted('a')], str_as='symbol'), '(\'a)')
yield (eq_, tosexp(Quoted('a'), str_as='symbol'), '\'a')
yield (eq_, tosexp(Quoted(['a'])), '\'("a")')
yield (eq_, tosexp([Quoted('a')]), '(\'"a")')
def test_tosexp_tuple_as():
yield (eq_, tosexp(('a', 'b')), '("a" "b")')
yield (eq_, tosexp(('a', 'b'), tuple_as='array'), '["a" "b"]')
yield (eq_, tosexp([('a', 'b')]), '(("a" "b"))')
yield (eq_, tosexp([('a', 'b')], tuple_as='array'), '(["a" "b"])')
yield (eq_, tosexp(Quoted(('a',))), '\'("a")')
yield (eq_, tosexp(Quoted(('a',)), tuple_as='array'), '\'["a"]')
def test_too_many_brackets():
parse("(a b))")
def test_not_enough_brackets():
parse("(a (b)")
def test_no_eol_after_comment():
eq_(parse('a ; comment'), [Symbol('a')])
def test_issue_4():
yield (compare_parsed, "(0 ;; (\n)", [[0]])
yield (compare_parsed, "(0;; (\n)", [[0]])