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CSS in JS Benchmarks

Big Table


Big Table examples, use:

  • react + css
  • aphrodite
  • glamorous
  • glam
  • fela
  • react-jss
  • radium
  • rockey
  • styled-components
  • styled-jsx
  • styletron
  • etc

Average results are here.

New demos and benchmarks will be soon :)


Here is a little contributing guild:

  • Use node version 7.9+
  • Install lerna and yarn (optional)
  • lerna bootstrap or lerna bootstrap --npm-client=yarn - install deps in packages
  • npm i
  • lerna run build - make builds for all packages
  1. Create an appropriate folder for your CSS in JS new implementation. Use react as example of boilerplate.
  2. Add description for your CSS in JS in package.json. Example
  3. Add your solution for Table.js file.
  4. Run benchmarks: npm run benchmark. To tun tests for specific packageor - npm run benchmark -- rockey styled-jss radium

Add your favorite CSS in JS implementation! Your contributions and suggestions are heartily welcome. =^.^=