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A ClojureScript/Reagent App Template
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Create Reagent App

Setup a ClojureScript/Reagent app in one command!

Want to learn more about this project? Read Start a ClojureScript App from Scratch



  • Move to the directory where you want your ClojureScript to live and run:

    clj -Sdeps '{:deps
                  {seancorfield/clj-new {:mvn/version "0.7.7"}}}' \
      -m clj-new.create \ \

organization-name/project-name will become of your project and will generate a project structure like this:

├── deps.edn
├── dev.cljs.edn
├── resources
│   └── public
│       ├── index.html
│       └── style.css
├── src
│   └── organization-name
│       └── project-name.cljs
└── test
    └── organization-name
        └── project-name_test.cljs
  • Move into project-name

    cd project-name
  • Start the app

    clj -A:dev


The structure of organization-name/project-name is defined by clj-new and not this template. The reason I used these as the example is because it felt cleaner to describe it as org/proj. Feel free to format however you like :)

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