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Pugo - Google Docs Export

This project is part of a paper for my M.CSc at Trier University of Applied Science.

What is it?

A webservice that provides a way of exporting a Google Doc to any XML or Text based format that can be generated with XSLT.

How does it work?

It takes a Google Docs html export file and transforms it into wellformed xhtml that can then be transformed into anything that can be generated with XSLT.


The project uses maven, so the best way to run and compile it is using maven, however it can also easily be imported into Eclipse or Intellij and run from there.

To run locally using maven: mvn tomcat7:run

To compile a war: mvn package

The compiled war can be deployed on Tomcat 7 and 8


To use send a request to http://server/war_name/convert with the following Parameters:

source = https://docs.google.com/feeds/download/documents/export/Export?id=<docid>&exportFormat=html
this does not have to be an URL from docs, the file could come from elsewhere or not even be a docs file at all.

token (optional) = OAuth token for the file if needed for the source URL

fname = filename of the resulting Output

mode (optional) = mode for selecting which transformation to run, by default it does html (when mode parameter is omitted), md for markdown and epub

Additionally any number of Parameters of the form xslParam_<Parameter Name> can be send and will be passed to the XSLT transformation as <Parameter Name>

There is a bunch of ways to get an export link of a google doc and an OAauth token, for one example using the Google Picker API check out script.js which is used in the ePub Demo


In the webapp directory are config files of the following form that can be added or adjusted:

    <!-- XSLT Stylesheet used for the transformation -->
    <!-- Extension of Output file -->
    <!-- HttpServletResponse.setContentType -->
        If true files generated with xsl:result-document
        will be written to a zip file,
        standard output will be discarded

Additional config files should be named config_<mode>.xml and can be used using the mode parameter.