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Questions for Linux Hunt (Treasure hunt based on Linux) conducted by ACM Student chapter of TKMCE, Kollam
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Questions for Linux Hunt (Treasure hunt based on Linux) conducted by ACM Student chapter of TKMCE, Kollam


  1. Ubuntu/Debian distribution. 16.04 and Jessie preferred
  2. vim-gui-common and vim-runtime packages should be pre installed
  3. The script was written for our computer lab systems. You may need to change the directory path in and accordingly. The script requires two users on the system. The scripts shall be executed from one user with superuser privileges. The game shall be played by logging into the other user account. In the script, the account with superuser privileges is user and the account from which game is played is students. It may be changed depending on your needs.


  1. Copy the files and us-remap to home folder in 'user' account
  2. Execute the following in terminal in home folder of user
    chmod +x
    mv us-remap us
    sudo ./
  1. The game is set and can now be played from the 'students' account. The first clue is '"Boot up quietly"'
  2. To restore the system back to its original state after the hunt is over. Copy and us-org to home folder of user and execute the following
    chmod +x
    mv us-org us
    sudo ./

###Levels The hunt has total 4 levels and the aim is to obtain a 9 character alphanumeric key. First one to find all the 4 keys win the game. All keys and hints are in the format Key:88888888_Next:cluefornextlevel ####Level 1 The clue is in the boot message. The boot messages flash all in green [OK], except the key which flashes in red with status [FAILED]. ####Level 2 Open Vi Editor and you will have to find the .vimrc file and next key will be in that file ####Level 3 Level is in /etc/default/grub ####Level 4 Final level, can be located in /usr/bin/Clue1

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