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jbpm5example - rewards-basic

This is a basic jBPM5 web application, which aims to provide an example usage of:

  • Human Task
  • Persistence
  • LocalTaskService and SyncWSHumanTaskHandler
  • ksession per request pattern
  • mvn building

This application implements 'ksession per request' pattern. You will find "rewards-ksession-per-process" project for 'ksession per process instance pattern' and "rewards-singleton-ksession" for 'singleton (active) ksession' pattern.

Currently these projects are focusing on JBoss BRMS 5.3.1.

For repository setup, please refer to BUT I have removed the local repository dependency for BRMS jars from this project. There are referenced by now. So you don't have to set up repository.

Steps to run

  • Start BRMS 5.3.1 standalone

  • Edit rewards-basic/pom.xml to change <brms.library.dir> properties for your environment

  • mvn clean package

  • cp ear/target/rewards-basic-ear-1.0-SNAPSHOT.ear $JBOSS_HOME/server/$PROFILE/deploy

  • access to http://localhost:8080/rewards-basic/ with a browser

  • [Start Reward Process] is to start a new process

  • [John's Task] is to list John's tasks and approve them

  • [Mary's Task] is to list Mary's tasks and approve them

  • reward-basic.jmx is a jmeter test plan for this application.

  • You may see PermissionDeniedException or OptimisticLockException under load. It means that a user started a task which is already completed. It's expected because this test plan may cause concurrent accesses to the same task with the same user. (It may happen in real use cases)

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