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This is by no means a whole guide for git. It is just a quick guide for people who don't know how to use git with github in order to learn some basics.

First of all there are some guis for git such as gitk,git-gui and smartgit. More can be found here

This guide is for base git (terminal)

The idea of git and github is that you have a local repository of the project(The Kingdoms Of Chaos in our situation), you host it in github and you have these 2 repos synchronized.


To configure your username and email use the next two commands:

git config --global "your_username"

git config --global


git init


First of all lets say you want to clone the tkoc project at a local repo.

git clone

This is the command to do it and it will download the project into a new directory called The-Kingdoms-Of-Chaos in your current directory. Then you should cd The-Kingdoms-Of-Chaos to get into your repo. There should be two directories. Stable and beta.

##BRANCHES git branch will show you the branches of the project With that command you should see two branches, stable and beta.

git checkout stable will let you select the stable branch of the project and git checkout beta will let you select the beta branch.

##COMMITING After that you should have the files in your local repository. Let's say you want to edit the file about.php. Assuming you are in the right branch the procedure is :

  1. Edit the file with your favorite editor.
  2. git add about.php
  3. git commit -m 'small description of your commit'
  4. git push origin beta(stable) depending on the branch.

This will push the file about.php in the github repository.

For more information read the github help

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