Installation guide

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For this example we assume you are installing the beta branch.

/path-to-the-beta/ is the main folder that you downloaded the game.

Main structure of the game is:



Step 1

Create folder /path-to-the-beta/www/worldforum and then download and install Simple Machines Forum at the folder /path-to-the-beta/www/worldforum

Step 2

Download the beta branch files and copy them at /path-to-the-beta/ This is going to replace the default SSI.php from /path-to-the-beta/www/worldforum/, the default compat.css from /path-to-the-beta/www/worldforum/Themes/default/css with our own and it will also create a new folder at the /path-to-the-beta/www/worldforum/Themes called Angels_Fall_First which is our current Theme. You can install it optionally from the administration console of the forum, but it is not needed.

Step 3

Populate the variables at the /path-to-the-beta/data/data.php

All variables needed except of the two facebook variables. The rest should be fulfilled with information.

Step 4

Install database by using our /path-to-the-beta/createDatabaseTables.class.php script. The tkoc_beta.sql file should be in the same folder as the createDatabaseTables.class.php (ie /path-to-the-beta/tkoc_beta.sql) script. Then just point your browser to the script and it will install all tables and the needed data.

You can also install the database by using directly the tkoc_beta.sql file.

By now you should be able to play with the game.


  • The same apply to install the stable version as well.

  • If you encounter the error "Strict Standards: Declaration of ... should be compatible with that of ...", then you need to edit your php.ini file and set error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

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