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##Chicago Flu Shots

aka "Flu Shot Finder"


This application was developed for the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) to help Chicago residents identify a convenient no cost CDPH flu shot event.

###BACKGROUND In mid-2012, I went to a weekly meeting of civic coders where several city agencies presented. They asked for our help in building interesting applications around their available data. I was interested in the free flu shot clinic locations since flu season was coming up fast, and I had attended a free flu shot event in the past.

I built a prototype application and advertised it via Twitter. the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), the Mayor's Office, and a few other civic coders, mainly Juan-Pablo Velez, noticed the tweet. Before I knew it, Juan-Pablo brokered a meeting between CDPH, the Mayor's Office, and ourselves. The meeting was positive and I began in ernest to polish up the application.

###BITS AND BYTES Chicago Flu Shots events data are maintained and published to a Google Fusion Table by CDPH. This code uses the Google Maps API to retrieve those events. We use Google Fusion Tables because it is easy to update on demand and there is no administrative overhead and delay as there is with the City of Chicago Data Portal. Using a Google Fusion Table also make this code more usable by other who do not use the same data platform as the City of Chicago.

####The Fusion Table:

###MADD PROPZ This web application could not have been originally as well executed without the sage feedback and assistance of Juan-Pablo Velez and Derek Eder. Thanks also to Smart Chicago for hosting this web application. Raed Mansour (of CDPH) has been my advocate and full partner on the inside. Without his advocacy, this fairly unique relationship and this application would not work.

###CODE NOTES This a HTML/CSS/JavaScript web application. It does have one small PHP (ical.php) file to construct an iCal file for users who want a calendar reminder of one-off events. This PHP file should be simple enough to rewrite in whatever server-side language is available in your environment.

If you want to reuse this code for your city/county/province/state, a good place to start is in main.js and altering the properties of the "Default" object at the top of the file.

You probably also want to change the stuff found in the Flushots.setMapSocial function.

I try to use meaningful variable names, so hopefully the code won't be too hard to follow.

###CODE REPOSITORY NOTES I have been exceptionally terrible at organizing the code repository for Chicago Flu Shots and it has not gotten proper love over the last few years. I plan on changing my ways.

You all should expect a branch each year with the naming convention of 'vYYYY-YY'. For example: 'v2015-16' for the 2015-2016 season's round of updates. Each's year's updates will be merged back into the 'master' branch when development is complete. This will generally occur in the late Summer or early Autumn every year. Smaller bug fix branches may be created at anytime and merged back into 'master' when the bug is squashed.

###ERRATA 'CDPH_HC_Logo.jpg', 'healthychicago_small_trans.png', and 'healthychicago_small_trans_bw.png' image files are for the City of Chicago's own use and do not fall under the license found on LICENSE.TXT. You must replace it in your own implementation. It is left here to help you use this code.

This code should be fairly easy to take and use by other government agencies offering flu shot clinic events. If you would like any advice on implementing this code, drop me a line.

Tom Kompare e: t: @tomkompare