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io_uring wrapper for C# / .NET
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⚠️ The IoUring.Transport subproject lives in it's own repositrory now: tkp1n/IoUring.Transport


C# wrapper for io_uring. This library fulfills the same purpose as the native liburing, by which it is heavily inspired. The primary goal of this library is to bring io_uring to all systems supporting it, also the ones without liburing pre-installed.

Setting proper resource limits (RLIMIT_MEMLOCK)

If ulimit -l returns something along the lines of 64K, adjustments should be made. It's simplest (although not smartest) to set memlock to unlimited in limits.conf (e.g. Ubuntu), to set DefaultLimitMEMLOCK=infinity in systemd config (e.g. Clear Linux*), or to do the equivalent for your distro...

Try it out

Add the following MyGet feed to your nuget.config:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <add key="myget-tkp1n" value="" />
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