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edaviz - Python library for Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization in Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab
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edaviz - stop coding the same visualizations in seaborn and plotly over and over again!

edaviz is a python library for data exploration and visualization in Jupyter Notebook and Jupyter Lab. edaviz provides you with great default visualizations out of the box, to save you time and money.

This is what our users say:

  • "I get bored with copying and pasting the codes from one notebook to another. edaviz is a tool that avoids this. All in one place, fast and no extra coding. With the power of Python."
  • "I can do in 2 minutes what used to take me half an hour."
  • "On my projects, there is never enough time. edaviz greatly helps me with my time issues."
  • "With edaviz, I can explore the data live with my customers, colleagues, and my boss."
  • "I can do analyses live in meetings. There is no need anymore to go to the back office to answer some more in-depth questions."

Watch the demo video.

Want to try edaviz yourself? Get started.


The Problem

80% of the effort in Data Science projects is due to data understanding, transformation, and cleaning. And of course, it all starts with data exploration. If you don't understand the data set, you cannot work with it.

However, the path to understanding your data is paved with numerous tedious tasks. You need to investigate the distribution of your columns, explore missing values, and check whether there are some useful patterns in your data. In most cases, we need to be cautious with our data, as there are always odd suprises to be found.

The Solution

edaviz is a Python library which helps you to quickly understand and visualize your pandas data frames. It is most helpful during data exploration after you received a new data set. However, you can also use it during data cleaning and data transformation, during feature engineering, or during model evaluation - whenever you need to understand your data.

The Benefits

  • 🕐 Time is always tight on Data Science projects. With edaviz, our regular edaviz users save at least 10 hours of working time each month. Some users even save up to 5 working days.
  • When you show your analyses to someone else, there are always more questions coming up. Currently, you need to return to the backoffice in order to answer them. With edaviz, you can answer many follow-up questions right on the spot. Your colleagues, your customers, and your boss will like that.
  • 🔁 Did you ever think "oh my god, now I have to do the same analyses again that I did 6 months ago"? Currently, you always code the same or similar analyses every few months. That's repetitive, redundant, and inefficient. With edaviz, you will get instant analyses to the most common tasks so that you have more time to focus on what's special about your current problem.

The Features

  • Quick exploration without coding but full flexibility of code (after all, you are working in a Jupyter environment)
  • High interactivity and data drill down
  • Finds the best features for predicting your target
  • Explores predictive patterns between columns
  • Automatically chooses visualizations based on data types


If you have questions or want to contribute, you can contact us via opening a GitHub issue or texting us on twitter.

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